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Vacuum Metalizing Guide

Are Vacuum Metalizing services Effective Coating Solutions?



Vacuum metallization is the process or a technique of coating the surfaces of non-metallic compounds in order to achieve the electromagnetic compatibility. The process of vacuum metallization is usually done by heating the coating metal up to its boiling point. This heating is done in a vacuum chamber. After heating, the heated metal is let to condense so that it can be deposited on the surface of the finished object to be coated.In order to make to make the coating metal to evaporate, several techniques are used. Some of the commonly used techniques include the electron beam technique, plasma heating technique and also the resistance heating technique. For the object to be coated to be completely done, some services need to be done. Some of the important services which must be done to complete the process are like painting the coated object, PVD services, metalizing the top protective coating as well as base coating the object. You can read more about Mueller Corporation by clicking the link.


Vacuum metallization is nearly done to all non-metallic objects. However, not all objects can be vacuum metalized. There is a list of the objects which can benefit from this process much easier and conveniently. Some of these materials include the plastic objects, paper objects in some cases, glass objects, ceramic objects in at some point some metals. Among all the products which are done this vacuum metallization service, plastics have proven to do good because they are known not be good when done by other processes of coating such as the electroplating solutions. When the metal filming also known as the metallic coating is done on the surface of an object, it is a guarantee that the object must attain a beautiful picture thus giving the best appearance. To find out more information about vacuum metalizing, click here.


For functional solutions, several materials are used to coat the objects. For example, aluminum is widely used in coating non-metallic objects to give them a decorative appearance. Once this is done, an extra film is added on top of the aluminum coating to secure it from scratching and give it a shiny sheath. Apart from the aluminum, there are other functional materials which are used in coating the objects. Some of these materials are like the gold, platinum, silver, tin, nickel, lead and also copper. For decorative services, titanium, platinum, gold, and silver are the most used materials. Each of these elements used for decorative purposes and functional purposes, given its different appearance after coating. Seek more info about vacuum metalizing at http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/Vacuum_metallizing.